Spring is here, really.

Spring is here, really. The bittern, geese, and peepers have returned to visit the swamp. The grass is finally turning green and growing at a rapid clip. The April rains have slowed and we’ve have a few 70 degree days.

Katie and I have been bustling around the farm. Katie has been focused on getting the greenhouses seeded to new greens plantings and getting the beds prepared for tomatoes. Jim has been repairing downed pasture fence, smoothing out some of the ruts created during mud season, tilling the fields, and cutting some firewood.

The garlic has popped out from underneath the mulch and the mulch has been pulled off the strawberries. In the coming days we will be laying down black plastic and drip irrigation. The rhubarb garden is being weeded and the rhubarb is growing quickly. The blueberry patch has been fertilized. We are picking up our grafted tomatoes and will be planting them next week.

The last truckload of hay was picked up, as the beef cows are very anxious to get out on pasture. We have been holding them back, so they won’t overgraze the delicate new grass. They will be let out to pasture this weekend and rotationally grass to maximize pasture and herd health.

What’s new on the farm this year? Our old milkhouse and farm stand just got a face lift. Jim and Michael tore off the old asphalt shingle siding, replaced the door and windows, and installed new locally-sourced shiplap siding from P&R Lumber down the road. We are considering moving the farm stand from behind the milkhouse to inside the milkhouse. What are your thoughts?

Katie and I decided to keep the farm stand going again this year. We received a lot of positive feedback from it. Feeding our local customers, friends and neighbors at the farm will continue to be our highest priority. Although we have already been selling greens and other products this season, we will have a more regular farm stand schedule after Memorial Day. As the week’s progress, we will have more and more products available.

Some early products to look forward to will include: new spinach, kale and salad mix crops, eggs, beef, sauerkraut (a great new batch!), rhubarb, and asparagus. We will be planting potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter and summer squash, melons, onions, beets, leeks, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs, cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes, and lots more for availability later this summer.

How to purchase our products
Our Farm Stand CSA
We will continue to encourage our regular customers to set up a farm account with us. Sign-up with whatever amount of money that you’d like and draw down on your account by only purchasing the products that you’d like when you visit the farm stand. We’ll let you know when your account needs to be re-supplied.

Fall Harvest Share
We will continue to offer our Fall Harvest Share in early fall, for those customers that would like to have lots of fall and storage produce for additional savings from the farm stand price. We typically offer winter squash, pumpkins, onions, leeks, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, cabbage, melons, and specialty products. More details on price, products, and dates will be forthcoming.

Grass-fed Beef
Our Bear Swamp Beef will be offered for sale a la carte in our farm stand freezer or in larger quantities. Ask for more information regarding availability and pricing.

Buffalo Mountain Co-op in Hardwick and Green Top Market in Morristown 4 Corners
Look for our products in the produce sections of these markets.


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