How To Purchase

Our Farm Stand and CSA
We continue to encourage our regular customers to set up a farm account with us. Sign-up with whatever amount of money that you’d like and draw down on your account by purchasing only the products that you’d like when you visit the farm stand. We’ll let you know when your account needs to be replenished.

Fall Harvest Share
We will continue to offer our Fall Harvest Share in early fall for those customers that would like to have lots of fall and storage produce for additional savings from the farm stand price. We typically offer winter squash, pumpkins, onions, leeks, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, cabbage, melons, and specialty products. More details on price, products, and dates will be forthcoming.

Grass-fed Beef
Our Bear Swamp Beef will be offered for sale a la carte in our farm stand freezer or in larger quantities. Ask for more information regarding availability and pricing by email or phone 802-888-9909.

Buffalo Mountain Co-op in Hardwick
Look for our products in the produce sections of our local co-op, Buffalo Mountain in downtown Hardwick, VT.


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